2017 Media Releases

Willoughby Council supports marriage equality

15 June 2017

Following lengthy debate in the Chamber, Willoughby Council (Council Meeting of Tuesday, 13 June 2017) resolved to support a change in the Marriage Act to allow marriage equality between two people irrespective of sex, gender identity or sexual characteristics.

In support of the resolution, Council will:

  • Write to the Prime Minister and federal opposition leader informing them of Willoughby City Council's support of marriage equality.
  • Urge the Prime Minister and the leader of the federal opposition to act in a bipartisan manner on this issue.
  • Ask that a conscience vote be allowed in both the House of Representatives and the Senate on changes to the Marriage Act as soon as is practical but prior to the next federal election.
  • Upload Willoughby City Council’s logo to the Australian Marriage Equality website to demonstrate support for marriage equality.

“There are many points of views held by the community on marriage equality, and varied opinions were brought forward by the public and from Elected Members in discussion at this week’s Council meeting. This is one of the great things about local government - that community members and Councillors can have their say, and voices heard,” said Willoughby Mayor, Gail Giles-Gidney.

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