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Willoughby Council calls for clarity on delivery and its role in Greater Sydney Commission’s Draft Northern District Plan

28 March 2017

Willoughby Council last night (meeting of Monday 27 March 2017) endorsed a submission on the Greater Sydney Commission’s (GSC) Draft North District Plan, which largely supports the vision of the Plan but calls for more clarity on how it will be delivered and Council’s role in the process.

A link between the State Government’s Greater Sydney Region Plan – A Plan for Growing Sydney – and councils’ Local Environmental Plans, the 20 year draft District Plans are aimed at managing growth across Sydney’s six Districts in a smart and strategic way. The goal of the Plans is to have well‐coordinated, integrated and effective planning for land use, transport and infrastructure.

Willoughby Council’s submission generally supports the structure of the Draft North District Plan around the three themes of a productive, liveable and sustainable city. The main principles of the Draft Plan also align with Council’s own strategic work in its Draft Willoughby Planning Strategy 2016 - 2036. Further, Willoughby Council Officers have been working with the Greater Sydney Commission and other North District Councils to ensure preliminary input into the preparation of the Draft North District Plan.

However, Willoughby Council believes greater clarity is required around how the Draft Plans’ priorities will be delivered and the role councils will play in this.

In particular, Council’s submission highlights the unclear nature of how the Plan will ensure the delivery of transport and social infrastructure to support the anticipated growth in the North District. Council emphasises the need for the supply of school facilities to align with demand and recommends a requirement of a minimum 10 per cent be provided for affordable housing in new development.

Council believes strong integration is required between the final Plan and any future Sydney Transport Plan and State Infrastructure Strategy, demonstrating the benefits for the North District.

Council’s submission also calls for clear State and Local responsibilities and governance frameworks to be established to ensure the Plans effective implementation.

It also highlights the need for baseline data and future targets to be established, particularly in the area of liveability and sustainability, to measure progress.

“The Draft Northern District Plan sets a vision for growth and development across the North District, but there is a lot of work required to achieve that vision. Councils need to play an active and equal partner role in this process, and we need to clarify exactly what and how that role will play out to ensure the best outcome for our community,” said Willoughby Mayor Gail Giles-Gidney.

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