2017 Media Releases

Council extends smoke-free areas in Chatswood CBD

08 August 2017

Willoughby Council has extended the Chatswood CBD Smoke-Free Zone to include Post Office Lane, which now acts as a major pedestrian thoroughfare connecting the eastern entry/exit of the Chatswood Interchange to Victor Street.

This follows an increase in smoking littering and other littering in the lane area, which Council is actively addressing.

Council’s Smoke Free Policy, introduced in 2010, aims to increase the health and comfort of the entire community by reducing cigarette butt litter and sustaining our public areas, parks and bushlands. It also aims to reduce second-hand smoke and associated health issues, and support a shift towards healthier living for those attempting to quit, and discouraging people from taking up smoking in the first place.

“There is strong community support for smoke-free areas and for Council to provide a cleaner, healthier and happier community. The extension of the Smoke-Free Zone into Post Office Lane aims to deliver this as our CBD continues to grow and develop with place making front of mind,” said Willoughby Mayor Gail Giles-Gidney.

Council’s smoke-free policy applies to public areas where people tend to congregate in close proximity including:

  • Children’s facilities, playgrounds and surrounding 20 metres
  • Bushland, parks and reserves
  • All playing fields, sporting grounds and sporting facilities
  • Council run events
  • Alfresco dining areas
  • Chatswood CBD Mall
  • Within 10 metres of Council buildings and car parks
  • Bus stops and taxi ranks

Those found smoking in restricted areas may be fined $110.

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