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Council approves Chatswood CBD Planning and Urban Design Strategy: Sets the course for a green commercial core with residential periphery

27 June 2017

Willoughby City Council has approved its Chatswood CBD Planning and Urban Design Strategy (Council Meeting of Monday 26 June), aimed at strengthening the status of Sydney’s sixth largest commercial office centre, finding a balance between commercial and residential development, and improving the overall design and attractiveness of the CBD.

The CBD Strategy is part of Council’s overall, comprehensive Draft Willoughby Planning Strategy – which looks ahead to 2036. This strategy has been developed alongside higher level planning for Sydney from the Greater Sydney Commission (GSC), through the Draft North District Plan.

Key directions of the CDB Strategy include:

  • Seeks to encourage commercial office use in the core of the CBD, which is considered critical for Chatswood’s future as a true mixed use and sustainable centre. The office core is essential to growing jobs in the area which will play a vital role in supporting Chatswood’s retail centres and residential areas and will help fulfil the potential of the new Metro Rail line linking Chatswood to other parts of metropolitan Sydney.
  • Council believes if a proactive approach is not taken to steer commercial and residential development in a balanced way, the Chatswood office market will decline. Chatswood’s commercial core should be protected and encouraged to grow in conjunction with improvements to the design and sustainability of new buildings, and overall amenity of the CBD.
  • Aims to create a ‘green’ CBD and lift the profile of Chatswood for new and continuing business investment and the enjoyment, health and wellbeing of the broader community.
  • Provides for increased residential opportunities around the periphery of the CBD to the north and south.

The Strategy approval follows a period of community consultation, with 73 per cent of online respondents supported a majority commercial CBD over residential. Community feedback also called for improved streetscape and design excellence, better public transport as well as improved parking and a desire for green links and open spaces.

“The Chatswood CBD is currently at a crossroads with regard to its long term future. The economic future and resulting character of the CBD depends on choices made,” said Willoughby Mayor Gail Giles-Gidney. “The CBD Plan sets a course aimed at finding the right balance – with a majority commercial core, residential periphery, and making it an attractive destination for our workers and local residents,” she added.

About Willoughby City

By 2036 the population of Willoughby is estimated to increase by 18 per cent to nearly 90,000 people.  Over the same period, household size is expected to fall.  The number of people living alone will increase as will the number of people aged 70 and above and there will be a need to create more than 19,000 additional jobs.  

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