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The Future of Willoughby: Have your Say in Planning our Future

08 February 2017

Willoughby City Council is planning for the future and is inviting you to be involved. By 2036 the population of Willoughby is estimated to increase by 18 per cent to nearly 90,000 people. Over the same period, household size is expected to fall. The number of people living alone will increase as will the number of people aged 70 and above and there will be a need to create more than 19,000 additional jobs.   

Willoughby City Council is planning for this change through the Draft Planning Strategy, and is encouraging the community and local businesses to be part of the process. 

Council is focusing on four key areas: the CBD of Chatswood; our local commercial centres; housing growth; and protection of industrial lands, in order to develop a comprehensive plan for Willoughby’s future. A draft Planning and Urban Design Strategy has been prepared for the Chatswood CBD and Position Statements for Housing in Willoughby, Local Centres in Willoughby and Industrial Lands are now available. These Position Statements are the first stage of developing a new comprehensive Willoughby Planning Strategy looking to 2036.

Council’s strategic planning is being developed alongside higher level planning for Sydney developed by the Greater Sydney Commission (GSC) through the Draft North District Plan. This draft plan puts forward priorities and actions that impact Willoughby and sets dwelling and job targets for the Council.  Feedback gathered through Willoughby’s strategic planning will be used to provide additional feedback to the GSC on the draft North District Plan.

“Willoughby Council is running the local strategic planning in parallel with district planning making it very easy for the community to be involved, and for their voice to be heard at all levels. It’s a commendable and smart way to approach thorough, big picture strategic planning,” said Willoughby Mayor Gail Giles-Gidney.

“The extensive program of community consultation offers simple and fast ways to provide feedback through the online forum as well as casual drop in sessions and formal discussions where proposals can be viewed and discussed in detail. The variety of consultation methods allows the community to participate when and how they want. 

“Feedback we receive from you as local stakeholders and community members is vital as it will guide strategic planning at a local level and be used to provide input into plans developed by the Greater Sydney Commission. I urge everybody to participate in planning our future,” she said.

The four planning documents are available online through council’s website until Friday 17 March.  Drop-In Sessions and Roundtable discussions will take place between 4 February and 14 March and will be held at various locations across Willoughby.  Visit Willoughby Council’s website for a full list.

The four planning documents are: 

Chatswood CBD Planning and Urban Design Strategy 
As Sydney’s sixth largest commercial office centre, with thriving public and cultural spaces, the draft Strategy aims to strengthen Chatswood’s status in the commercial office market, find a balance between commercial and residential development and improve the overall design and attractiveness of the CBD.
Local Centres Position Statement
As the first step in developing a Strategy, the Position Statement addresses the function and character of our vibrant and thriving smaller local centres, tests them against metropolitan and local planning objectives, and starts a discussion around opportunities for growth in housing and employment.
Housing Position Statement
As the first step in developing a Strategy, the Position Statement discusses the future housing needs of Willoughby City residents over the next 20 years in response to our growing and changing population.  
Industrial Lands Position Statement
As the first step in developing a Strategy, the Position Statement discusses the importance of Willoughby’s industrial land for employment and urban services uses both now and into the future.

Visit willoughby.nsw.gov.au to view the documents and provide feedback.

Comments can also be provided on the Draft North District Plan to the Greater Sydney Commission

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