2016 Media Releases

Vivid Sydney at Chatswood – Precinct Sneak Peak!

02 May 2016

Willoughby Council offers a second sneak peak at some of the amazing light installations, projections and hands on technological experiences that will delight visitors to this year’s Vivid Sydney at Chatswood, from 27 May to 13 June.

The world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas. Vivid Sydney will see the bustling Chatswood CBD transform into ‘WildLight – The Bio-Kinetic City’ - inspired by the fascinating creatures of Gondwana.

Chatswood’s culture and entertainment hub, The Concourse will feature three visually stunning and engaging installations and activities, including the chance to control mechanical dinosaurs!

Gondwana Light Lab
The Concourse, Victoria Avenue
Artists: The Electric Canvas (Australia)

The dramatic metallic blades of Chatswood’s cultural hub, The Concourse, will be the backdrop to Gondwana Light Lab, a fascinating and futuristic exploration of creatures from the Triassic southern supercontinent.

Through the scientific instruments of the Light Lab, observe dinosaurs evolving from their origins in the depths of the ocean, then moving onto land, and ultimately climbing trees and escarpments from which they launch themselves into the air.

The projections will study these intriguing animals through magnifying glasses and microscopes, zooming in to see their amazing skin, scales and cells up close. Turn on x-rays to analyse their skeletons and use computed tomography to slice right though them.

Exoskeleton Encounter
The Concourse, Victoria Avenue
Artists: Erth (Australia)

Get in touch with your inner beast when you climb inside our illuminated mechanical dinosaur frames! Roam fearlessly around The Concourse stalking your prey. Members of the public can get up close and personal with these futuristic-prehistoric creatures, but make sure to keep your wits about you!

Primordial Pond
The Concourse, Victoria Avenue
Artists: The Electric Canvas (Australia)

Discover the hidden mysteries within the Primordial Pond in the reflection pool at The Concourse. As the fog clears and the light changes, giant eggs and reptilian creatures lurk in the watery abyss. Who knows what else is hidden below?

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