2016 Media Releases

Community grants to boost Willoughby’s cultural and creative life

15 June 2016

More than $10,000 dollars has been awarded to local community groups and individuals as part of Willoughby Council’s 2016 Event Seed Funding Grants. The grants will help fund cultural, artistic and performing arts projects and events that will directly benefit the cultural life of the Willoughby Community.

The Taiwan Festival Committee Incorporated will receive a grant of $2,850 to assist with the running of a two-day festival celebrating and promoting Taiwanese culture and Willoughby’s cultural diversity. The event will be held as part of this year’s Emerge Festival in September, and will include performances, workshops, food and activities in Chatswood Mall.

Chatswood Musical Society’s 65th anniversary event will receive a grants boost of $3,000. The showcase event will highlight songs from shows produced by the Society over the last 65 years, and feature up and coming new artists, and current members at The Concourse or Zenith Theatre. The event will provide an opportunity for both the local and wider community to experience high-quality theatre and musical performances from a local company.

Local theatre performer Justin Buchta has been granted $2,000 to cover venue costs for a one-date physical theatre performance at the Zenith Theatre. Justin’s performance will be an interactive and comic one-man show celebrating the human body, aimed at younger children, but suitable for all ages.

A grant of $2,400 will assist the Walter Burley Griffin Society’s to host a program of three to four public open houses, and talks. The event aims to showcase the artistic, architectural and planning achievements of the Griffins, and bring people from outside Willoughby into the area. Grant funds will be used to provide signage, programs and filming/editing that can also be used in future years.

“Our Event Seed Funding Grants provide a great opportunity for Council to support and assist event based projects and performances, that in turn benefit our local community,” said Willoughby Mayor, Gail Giles-Gidney.

“The chosen projects are all extremely deserving, and highlight the diversity of cultural events and programs on offer for our community” Mayor Gail said.

The Event Seed Funding Grants are part of Willoughby Council’s overall Small Grants Program, with other grants given annually in categories including Community Development, Arts and Cultural, and The Concourse Performing Arts Subsidy. Further grant categories will be announced 20 July.

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