New Recycling Contractor

Posted: Thursday, 13 February 2020

We’ve contracted a new company to process the contents of your yellow-lidded bins, so you can continue to separate your recycling and general waste as usual.

Our new contractor, iQRenew on the Central Coast, offer innovative recycling solutions such as producing glass sand as a substitute for virgin sand used in construction and civil works.

Our old contracted recycler Polytrade informed us on 19 December 2019 that they would close. They cited the China Sword Policy and the subsequent collapse of the international and local recycling commodity market as reasons they can no longer operate in NSW.

We found the new contractor iQRenew and started sending your recycling to them on 3 February 2020. Your recycling is now sent to the Kimbriki waste transfer station in Terrey Hills and is then trucked to  Somersby.

The cost of recycling with iQRenew is much higher (more than double the price), but still less than sending the materials to landfill. Due to the cost increase, we may consider an increase in rates in the future, however, the rates for 2019/20 financial year have already been set. In the interim, we will find funds to cover these increased costs from other efficiencies and existing reserves set aside for waste management.

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