New Mattress Collection and Recycling Service

Posted: Monday, 14 January 2019

Soft Landing

Residents now have access to a FREE Mattress collection and recycling service.

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Mattresses will be collected from the kerbside and taken to a dedicated recycling facility in Smithfield. Here they will be dismantled into their component parts:

For more information about the recycling process, watch the clip at

Soft Landing will recycle:

  • Mattresses in any size and condition
  • Mattresses of any type such as foam, latex and futon
  • Bed base ensembles (these are fabric-covered bed bases)

Soft Landing will not collect:

  • Bed frames and slats*
  • Bed heads*

* these can be disposed of in the general clean up service

The service will be provided by Soft Landing, an Award-winning social enterprise that provides employment opportunities for people who experience barriers entering the open labour market. For more information, visit

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