New East Artarmon Residential Parking Scheme: final round of consultation approved

Posted: Wednesday, 1 August 2018

At Council meeting on 9 April 2018, Council approved a final round of consultation to be undertaken with those properties in the 4 streets below to extend the residential parking scheme areas (area 16).

  1. Smith Road between Artarmon Road and Shepherd Rd (west side of road only);
  2. Shepherd Road between Muttama Road and Smith Rd (north side of road only);
  3. Stafford Road between Muttama Road and Tindale Road (south side of the road only);and
  4. Devonshire Street between Mowbray Rd and Strafford (west and east side of road).

Council completed a local community consultation on 25 May 2018 for the proposed residential parking and 4P timed restrictions in Smith Road, Shepherd Road, Stafford Road and Devonshire Street. Council received 4 submissions all supporting the residential parking and 4P timed restrictions. At Council meeting on 23 July 2018, Council approved the extension of the newly implemented residential parking scheme (RA 16) to include 4 streets listed above.  

The installation of the 4P Residential Parking Restriction signage starts on 1 Aug and it is expected to be completed by mid-Aug.

Willoughby City Council has approved a new Residential Parking Scheme for East Artarmon. New time parking restrictions will be installed on one side of the following streets listed below:

  • Raleigh Street
  • Drake Street
  • Hawkins Street
  • Elizabeth Street
  • Cambridge Road
  • Coree Road
  • Muttama Road
  • Tindale Street
  • Carlos Road
  • Weedon Road
  • Artarmon Road
  • Cameron Avenue
  • Harden Road
  • Pryl Road
  • Cooney Road
  • Burra Road

Approved RPS RA 16 and Additional Streets

The new Residential Parking Scheme will have time parking restrictions of 2P or 4P (Permit Holders Excepted). A two hour time (in higher parking demand streets) or four hour time limit will apply to vehicles without a permit, from 8.30am - 6pm Monday to Friday and 8.30am - 12pm on Saturdays.

Eligible residents with a permit display can park on these 2P and 4P residential parking area zones without time restrictions. Resident parking permits do not guarantee parking availability, but do provide a comparative advantage for residents.

For further information about the residential parking zone and resident parking permit application and eligibility, please visit Residential Parking Page or phone 9777 1000.

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