Council Cab Transition to At Home with Willoughby

Posted: Thursday, 14 March 2019

On Monday 11 March 2019, Council received a report to consider options to resolve equity and duplication issues associated with the current Council Cab service.

At this meeting, Council unanimously resolved to transition Council Cab users to alternate transport providers, including Council’s At Home with Willoughby services, and the introduction of additional conditions of use from 31 March 2019.

Council also endorsed the replacement of the Council Cab services from 1 July 2019 by a new service with the new conditions of use.

In essence, the model is now a merger of the Council Cab driver and vehicle into the At Home with Willoughby services. While the Council Cab service per se will cease, the functionality that it offers will continue.  

The newly adopted conditions of use from 31 March 2019 are;

  • Cap the maximum number of individual trips to four trips per client per week.
  • Limit eligibility for Council Cab to persons aged 65 years or older.
  • Provide priority of access for medical appointments
  • Exclude Council Cab service to and from registered clubs or other venues with alternate in-kind accessible transport.
  • Clients must be eligible and registered for Commonwealth Home Support Program funding to receive a subsidised fee.
  • The introduction of a Subsidised fee is $6.50 per trip.
  • Full fee for non-eligible users is $17.75 per trip.
  • Clients will receive a single monthly invoice for Council Cab services, integrated with billing of other At Home with Willoughby services.

The integration of Council Cab with At Home with Willoughby service ensures continued transport option with enhanced social inclusion support for aging residents. More detail about the changes is included in the pdf format FAQ document.

For assistance or further information regarding the Council Cab transition please contact Michael Cashin, Community Life Manager on 9777 7980 or via email 

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