Community Wellbeing Survey

Posted: Monday, 8 July 2019

Council will survey residents from 8 July to identify wellbeing and quality of life.

Council’s recently adopted Community Strategic Plan (CSP) is based on five pillars, including one pillar specifically focussed on community connectivity and inclusiveness. Regular community surveys such as customer satisfaction surveys and perception surveys help to track Council’s progress across the five pillars – but mostly at an operational level. What Council requires now is a broader community engagement that helps to identify community connectedness, wellbeing and quality of life.

The survey conducted from 8 July by Council’s contractor Micromex, will randomly select residents to participate in a range of survey options including face-to-face, postal, online and computer assisted phone surveys.

For queries or concerns residents can contact Micromex General Manager Mark Mitchell on (02) 4352 2388 or Council’s project manager Michael Cashin on (02) 9777 7980.

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