Bushfire Preparation

Posted: Monday, 11 November 2019

The NSW Premier has declared a state of emergency. The NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) says "catastrophic" conditions are facing Greater Sydney and the Greater Hunter areas from tomorrow (12 November, 2019).

While we do not expect bushland areas in Willoughby City Council to be impacted, we encourage you to be prepared. Here are some tips to keep you and your family safe:

  • Monitor ABC Radio and notifications from NSW Fire and Rescue and check their website for details on what do before, during and once the fire has passed
  • If you have any respiratory problems, follow the advice from Asthma AustraliaNSW Health and your health professional. Stay indoors if the air quality is poor.
  • Beat the heat by drinking water, staying in the shade and visit Council’s air conditioned facilities (such as libraries and community centres) if you need to. 
  • It’s not the time for bushwalks. Avoid bushland entirely, even if there are no fires around.
  • In case you need to evacuate, go to the designated open-space areas
  • The Red Cross has a ‘Get Prepared’ app that might be useful
  • Follow RSPCA advice on caring for your pet during a bush fire.
  • There is a total fire ban – not even barbeques are allowed.

We have over 300 hectares of bushland, which is partly bushfire prone. We have worked closely with the Regional Bushfire Management Committee, NSW Fire and Rescue and adjoining Councils to implement the Bushfire Risk Management Plan over the past two years. We employ a hazard-reduction team. Further details on our plan can be found on our website

Due to the extreme fire danger, we are closing some of our reserves:

  • Harold Reid Reserve
  • Explosives Reserve
  • HC Press Park
  • HD Robb
  • Castlecrag Northern Escarpment

We advise to avoid all bushland areas as the fire danger has reached catastrophic.

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