Streets to Creeks

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The stormwater from your roof, driveway and street flows directly into your local creek, harbour, or the Lane Cove River. Unlike sewerage, it isn’t treated, so whatever is lying around that can be washed away will end up in the waterways.

Cleaning up backyards and streets prevents litter, dog droppings, leaves and oil from ending up polluting the water. Polluted water makes it hard not only for people to enjoy activities like swimming or fishing, but also harms wildlife and plants.

Find out which catchment area you live in and can protect by selecting a map and locating your street.

 Flat Rock Creek Catchment - 894 KB - Artarmon, Naremburn, Northbridge, Willoughby
 Lane Cove River Catchment - 783 KB - Chatswood West, Lane Cove North
 Sailors Bay Catchment - 885 KB - Castlecrag, Northbridge, Willoughby
 Scotts Creek Catchment - 813 KB - Castle Cove, Chatswood, Middle Cove, North Willoughby
 Sugarloaf Catchment - 799 KB - Castlecrag, Middle Cove, Willoughby