Sugarloaf Creek

The NSW Government’s Flood Policy is directed at providing solutions to existing flooding problems in developed areas and to ensure that the new development is compatible with the flood hazard and does not create additional flooding problems in other areas.

Under the policy, the management of flood liable land remains the responsibility of local government. The State Government subsidises flood mitigation works to alleviate existing problems and provides specialist technical advice to Councils to assist in the discharge of their floodplain management responsibilities.

The policy provides for technical and financial support by the government through four sequential stages:

  1. Flood Study - Determines the nature and extent of the flood.
  2. Floodplain Management Study - Evaluates management options for the floodplain in respect of both existing and proposed development.
  3. Floodplain Risk Management Plan - Involves formal adoption by Council of a plan of management for the floodplain.
  4. Implementation of the Plan, which involves:
  • Construction of flood mitigation works to protect existing development.
  • Use of Local Environment Plans to ensure new development is compatible with the flood hazard.

Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan

The Sugarloaf Creek Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan constitute the second and third stages of the management process for the Sugarloaf Creek catchment. They have been developed for Willoughby City Council by WMA Water for the future management of flood liable lands in the Sugarloaf Creek Catchment.