Aboriginal Heritage Walk with Phil HuntWilloughby has lots of different places to enjoy bushwalks. None of these walks are far from the road or difficult to access, but they still provide peaceful respite from the city.

Council runs guided walks or you can find out more about tracks in the area which you can enjoy at your own pace.

The local habitat is varied; you can visit mangroves, fern-filled gullies, blue gum forest, and casuarina and coachwood forest. You can also chose between foreshore tracks that feature sandstone and spectacular water views, or hidden inland tracks that will surprise you.

Animals and birds are also around if you look carefully; Willoughby is home to possums, sugar gliders, frogs, insects, water dragons, echidnas, goannas, and over 120 types of birds.

Other walks

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  • Transport Access Guides - these guides provide useful information on how to get to some major locations in the area by walking, cycling or using public transport
  • Walking Coastal Sydney - this website has information about other scenic walks throughout Willoughby and Sydney