Photo of bushland

Willoughby is home to significant areas of bushland that contain a wide variety of native flora and fauna, archaeological sites and walking tracks. Council cares for over 300 hectares of fragmented bushland with large concentrations along the Lane Cove River and Middle Harbour.

Bushland within Willoughby is managed in accordance with Council’s Urban Bushland Plan of Management policy. Each bushland reserve also has a reserve action plan that details management actions for a five-year period.

Threats to Bushland include: 

Simple ways we can protect bushland: 

  • Remove weeds from your garden and replace them with local native species (link to native plants & weeds page) 
  • Place garden waste or rubbish in the appropriate bin
  • Keep plants within your garden and yard
  • Join a Bushcare group
  • Learn about the local environment by attending a workshop or a guided walk - see Diary Dates and Walks & Talks for more information
  • Keep pets within your yard away from native wildlife