Climate Change is predicted to increase the risk of bushfires due to hotter and drier conditions in the Sydney Catchment . There is an increased risk of frequency, intensity and size of bushfires. The bushfire season may also be extended which means a shorter window period for prescribed burns. Research undertaken by the NSW Government in 2008 found by 2050, Sydney is likely to experience up to 24 per cent more bushfires which could cover an area up to 35 per cent greater.

Prepare for the bushfire season

The Rural Fire Service's Bushfire Survival Plan provides easy to understand information on:

  • Preparing for the bushfire season
  • What to do in a bushfire
  • Surviving a bushfire

Visit the NSW Rural Fire Service website to work out your current level of risk.

Neighbourhood Safer Places

A Neighbourhood Safer Place (NSP) is a place of last resort for people during a bush fire.  It is an identified building or space within a community that can provide a higher level of protection from immediate life threatening effects of a bush fire.

Further Information