ShoppingFresh food in shopping basket

We can all live well with less by rethinking household purchasing. Organising what you have already is a great first step. Explore options to borrow or hire things that you rarely need. 

Giving away, donating, selling or swapping unwanted items for reuse is good for the planet and can help families in need. Look for local groups on ‘free cycle’ or ‘pay it forward’, or drop off at local charities. Or make some money and have a garage sale or sell through sites like eBay and Gumtree. 

When buying new, look for well-made items that will last and can be reused. Buying recycled, refurbished or repurposed products and materials will further reduce your impact. 

Repurposing or upcycling objects and clothing can avoid unnecessary landfill. For ideas and inspiration see our brochure for upcoming activities. 

Shopping with environmental, social and ethical considerations in mind can be overwhelming. Conditions for workers and producers as well as environmental impacts of production and transport, how we use or dispose of a product all contribute to the lifecycle of a product. These easy to use guides have been developed to help you navigate better choices.

Healthy Home Natural cleaning and beauty products to detox your home

A healthier life starts in your home. Reduce the toxic chemical load from your food with organic, fresh and local choices.  Review your cleaning and laundry products, beauty products, toiletries and sanitary items. 

Reduce indoor air pollution by increasing ventilation, reviewing use and disposal of paints, glues, sealants, building products, pest control products and electrical equipment.  


Look for low phosphorous, greywater friendly bathroom, laundry and cleaning products. You can even make your own green cleaning products using these easy recipes. Try reducing the amount you use. Always dispose of chemical products safely through Household Chemical CleanOut days. 

When buying beauty products, look for simple products with organic ingredients that are not tested on animals. This handy guide can help you navigate through products and brands. If you are buying body or facial scrubs, avoid products containing plastic microbeads. You could also consider home made alternatives with many great recipes here.

When decorating or renovating consider low or no VOC paints, stains, sealants and materials with best credentials. See Ecospecifier. Be aware of asbestos in older buildings and ensure its safe removal. 

Well Being 

Keep healthy and live well with healthy home ideas, great food and gardening ideas, connect with your local bushland and native wildlife through walks or bushcare. Learn new skills, be creative, keep active and meet new friends through our activities.