There are great opportunities to be innovative about the way we live in our homes, to make them healthier, more comfortable and usable throughout your life. Here are some ideas and guides for more sustainable living.  

Building and Renovation

Building sustainability into your home need not be difficult. Careful consideration, while planning and designing new homes or renovating your existing home, can benefit you long term and save you money. 

The Federal Government has a comprehensive, detailed web tool at YourHome with practical tips at every step to help you integrate sustainability elements into your home. From engaging your contractors, purchasing materials through to deconstruction you can make a difference. 

Ecospecifier is an independent website which helps you explore and compare credentials of building products. 

We run workshops and events throughout the year to learn more or contact us to ask for more information for your home in Willoughby.


Whether you own or rent your home, there are easy ways to live well in apartments. Nature Conservation Council’s Green Renters Guide gives you a good overview. From energy savings to balcony gardens, we have activities throughout the year to show you how. 

Strata owners can access water efficiency and lighting schemes through Council and consider upgrades for common areas with the tips you can find here


Make sure pools in your home or complex are safe and well maintained as well as water and energy efficient.  A pool pump adds 17% to your energy bill, using 1,500kWh of power each year*. For tips on running a more sustainable pool, check out Pool Efficiency Brochure.

*Building Sustainability Index