Strategic Land Use

Council has a number of documents which provide a framework for strategic land use planning in the city.

strategy icon Willoughby City Strategy

What is the Willoughby City Strategy?

The Willoughby City Strategy is our community plan which underpins everything the Council does. It sets the strategic direction for the City, its policies, services and activities. The strategy has 6 Key Strategic Directions:

  • Community and Cultural Life
  • Natural Environment
  • Homes
  • Infrastructure
  • Economic Activity
  • Governance

The strategy also has 2 overarching principles of sustainability and social justice which underpin all the activities that will be carried out by Council through each of the key strategic directions.

Discussion Papers

A number of Discussion Papers which explore current issues for each key strategic direction in the Strategy have been prepared to inform the Strategy review.

strategy icon Willoughby Draft Planning Strategy

Our Future Willoughby - Have Your Say

Sydney is growing and Willoughby is growing. Willoughby Council needs to plan for this growth through strategic planning. This planning will be guided by the community as well as by State strategic priorities and objectives.

There are four streams of strategic planning underway, which will culminate in the Willoughby Planning Strategy. Each stream has a different focus in order to provide a complete plan for Willoughby’s future.

The four streams are discussed in the following documents:

Have Your Say

Council recently provided a range of accessible means for the community to have a say on these key planning strategy documents between 4 February and 17 March 2017. The stakeholder engagement process included the opportunity to participate in surveys or attend one of sixteen local Drop-In sessions or Roundtable consultation activities to view the plans or talk about the proposals in more detail.

All feedback is currently being reviewed prior to the issue of an Independent Submissions Report expected to be released in June.

After the publication of the independent Submissions Report, Council intends to finalise the Chatswood CBD Planning Strategy. Also planned is the issue of draft strategies on Housing, Local Centres and Industrial Lands for further community and stakeholder comment later this year.

Please keep your eye on the Council Website for further information as it emerges in coming months.

Planning Documents

Chatswood CBD - Council's Draft Planning And Urban Design Strategy

The draft Strategy puts forward recommendations relating to planning controls and the design of buildings and public spaces that seek to position Chatswood for the opportunities with growth and the arrival of the Sydney Metro Rail.

It promotes new office employment in the core of Chatswood, in preference to residential towers, and seeks to enhance the centre's amenity and design to strengthen its diverse and vibrant character.

Housing in Willoughby - Position Statement

The population of Willoughby is expected to increase by 18 per cent in the next 20 years to more than 89,000 people. Household size is expected to fall with an increasing number of singles and over 70s. To cater for these changes, a new supply of different housing types will be required in Willoughby. We need to plan for these changes and consider the best locations for new housing.

Council has prepared a Position Statement on Housing in Willoughby to provide background information and some principles for addressing this future growth.

Local Centres in Willoughby - Position Statement

Our local centres are important to our community life. They give us a strong sense of place and local character, and service our local needs. As our population grows and changes, our local centres need to respond by providing improved local shops and services, increased public transport, and enhanced amenity in our streets and public areas.

Through a Position Statement, which examines our various local centres, we propose a suite of principles to guide future growth and change in these locations.

Industrial Lands in Willoughby - Position Statement

Willoughby's industrial lands play an important role in providing and sustain diverse of employment opportunities. They are regularly the subject of proposals for other uses such as retailing and residential.

Council proposed that these changes should be resisted and industrial lands protected to provide local employment and services.

A Position Statement outlining the current situation in relation to Willoughby's Industrial lands, together with suggested principles for the future, was recently on exhibition. Submissions are currently under consideration.

strategy icon St Leonards Strategy

In order to meet the recommendations made by the NSW Government in the Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney, the St Leonards Strategy was commissioned by Willoughby, Lane Cove and North Sydney Councils, and the Department of Planning.

The Metropolitan Strategy sets the target of 8000 more jobs and between 2000 and 5000 more dwellings in St Leonards by 2031. The  St Leonards Strategy examines the feasibility of this target and makes recommendations accordingly, informs the content of a new Local Environmantal Plan for the area, identifies how the economic role of the centre can be strengthened, examines sustainability, access, amenity and open space, and establishes a coordinated planning approach from the three involved councils.

The draft Strategy was on public exhibition in April and May 2006 and endorsed by Council in January 2007.

The St Leonards strategy has been endorsed by Council. 

strategy icon NSROC Planning

strategy icon Chatswood CBD Competitive and Comparative Analysis (AEC Group)

strategy icon Willoughby Economic Development Study (SGS Economics and Planning)