Other Guidelines

The following codes, policies and guidelines provide further details which apply to certain types of development.

icon rules (small) Fencing

Council's requirements for fences surrounding a property are intended to keep the style and size of front and side fencing compatible with the rest of the streetscape while still providing privacy and security.

For this reason fences ought to be designed with look, height, functionality and quality in mind. There are heights which cannot be exceeded, setback requirements, and appropriate measures to be taken in regards to conservation areas and views.

For exempt and complying development you will need to consult with the NSW Housing Code.

If you do not meet all the exempt or complying criteria for fencing then you need to consult the relevant part of the WDCP for your property's zoning and make application to Council. The WDCP is available online. For advice, call Council on 9777 1000 between 8.30am - 10am or 1pm - 4.30pm weekdays to speak to a Building Surveyor or Planner.

If it is a dividing fence you will need to consult the Dividing Fences Act. If there is a dispute over a dividing fence it is considered a civil matter and parties ought to seek advice from a Community Justice Centre, Local Lands Board, or the Local Court, not Willoughby Council.

icon rules (small) Footway Restaurants

Footway Restaurant Policy
Footway restaurants add a welcome atmosphere to the city, but they need to be appropriately located. This document gives guidelines for location, furniture, management, advertising, and application requirements while encouraging footway restaurants.

icon rules (small) Height Poles Policy

pdf format Height Poles Policy
This document is related to the installation of height poles for proposed developments.

icon rules (small) House/Property Numbering Code

 House/Property Numbering Code
This code deal with re-numbering for new development to avoid conflict with existing addresses.

icon rules (small) Varying Development Standards

A Clause 4.6 Variation is a written submission accompanying a DA which justifies a variation of the relevant development standard found in the planning instrument.

icon rules (small) Unauthorised Building Work

 Unauthorised Building Work Policy: Enforcement and Prosecution
This document sets out Council’s policy for exercising its enforcement powers under the EPA Act and Local Government Act.