Planning Rules

Planning enquiry Planning Rules Enquiry
This interactive tool can assist you with your planning enquiry. It provides you with advice on whether your development can proceed within the Willoughby Local Government Area. The results will display the permissibility and rules under Willoughby LEP 2012 and Willoughby DCP.
lep Willoughby LEP 2012
WLEP 2012 provides the statutory framework for all planning within the area, development and building within the area.
wdcp2 Willoughby DCP
The WDCP is supplementary to Local Environmental Plans (LEPs) and State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs) which specifies detailed guidelines and environmental standards for new development, which need to be considered in preparing a Development Application.
Development contribution Development Contributions
Council is able to obtain funding for infrastructure and facilities through: 1) Section 7.11 Contributions 2) Section 7.12 Contributions, and 3) Voluntary Planning Agreements (VPAs)
Department of Planning, Industry and Environment State Planning Policies & Processes
State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs) deal with issues significant to the whole state and its people. They are made by the Minister for Planning.
Chatswood from above3 Land Use Strategies
Council has a number of documents which provide a framework for strategic land use planning in the city.
Guidelines Other Guidelines
These codes, policies and guidelines are applicable for certain types of development.