Complying Development

What is Complying Development?

Complying Development is a fast-track, combined planning and construction approval process for straightforward developments. Providing the proposal meets specific criteria, it can be determined by a Council or private certifier without needing a full Development Application.

To qualify as Complying Development, you must satisfy all of the development standards identified in State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008. The policy can be viewed at the NSW Legislation website.

Examples of Complying Development include: 

  • renovations to a home
  • development of a granny flat
  • building a swimming pool
  • property extensions (up to two storeys)
  • alterations and additions to industrial and commercial buildings.

You can also check our frequently asked questions about complying development certificates.

If your renovation or build is Complying Development (or requires a Development Application through Council), you'll need to apply for a BASIX certificate. Read more about BASIX certificates.