Do I need approval?

Before you start any development or building works, you will need to find out what approvals are required. This section provides an overview of the different kinds of approval in Willoughby. It covers developments ranging from smaller projects like a deck or pergola to major projects like a new house, granny flat or commercial fitout.

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Development - Checklist & Overview
What kind of development are you carrying out? Find out about the different kinds of development and the main steps in the development process.
Pre-lodgement meeting
Pre-lodgement Meetings
Council’s Development Assessment Officers can provide advice on your development proposal and the approval process. Find out about pre-lodgement meetings.
Construction certificate
Construction Certificate
After a development application is approved, a Construction Certificate is needed before building actually begins. Find out more about Construction Certificates.
Development that requires a DA
Development that requires a DA
Many types of development require consent. Find out about the types of developments that require consent and the stages in the application process.
Complying development
Complying Development
Some small-scale, low-impact developments that comply with pre-set criteria can be fast-tracked. See if your project qualifies.
Exempt development
Exempt Development
Some minor developments do not need any formal approval from Council. See if your project meets our criteria for Exempt Development.