Sydney North Planning Panels (formerly Joint Regional Planning Panels)

The state government established the Sydney North Planning Panels to make merit-based decisions on regionally significant development applications. They can also provide planning advice to the Minister for Planning if requested by the Minister. SNPPs determine developments with a value of more than $30 million, subdivisions of more than 250 lots that are not determined by the Minister for Planning, and development worth more than $5 million, including:

  • Public and private infrastructure such a community facilities, child care centres and places of public worship
  • Developments where the Council is involved or has a conflict of interest
  • Crown development

The panels consist of two representatives of Council and three state-appointed members.

Willoughby is part of the Sydney North Planning Panels. When the panel meets to determine a development application, the two Willoughby City Council members are the Mayor, Councillor Gail Giles-Gidney, and the Strategic Planning Manager, Linda McClure.

The NSW Joint Regional Planning Panels website lists applications to be determined by the SNPP, including the application documents.

When dealing with a Willoughby SNPP matter, the panel generally meets at the Council Offices. These meetings are open to the public.

For an application determined by the SNPP:

  1. The application is notified to surrounding property owners and assessed by a Council Officer
  2. Any interested person or group may make a submission
  3. The Council officer provides a report and recommendation to the SNPP
  4. The Council officer's report and recommendation is available prior to the SNPP meeting
  5. The Environmental Services Director provides a copy of the officer's report to Council prior to the SNPP to see if the Council wishes to make a submission
  6. The SNPP is not bound to adopt the Council officer's recommendation or the Councils submission in its determination
  7. An applicant can appeal a decision of the SNPP to the Land and Environment Court

For more information, contact Willoughby City Council or see the SNPP website.