Development Application (DA) Process

These pages provide a summary of the development process at Willoughby City Council. Council wishes to inform residents and any other interested persons about the steps in the process and particularly, how and when they can be involved.

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Development Application Overview
Find out how development applications are assessed at Willoughby City Council. Our flowchart shows you the main steps from lodging until determination of an application.
online application
Electronic Application Requirements
Find out what are the requirements for lodging digital files with your development application
Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
ePlanning Portal - Concurrence & Referral
From September 2019, any Development Application (DA) requiring an Integrated Development Referral, External Agency Referral or Concurrence with one or more State agencies will be processed electronically via the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE)’s ePlanning Portal.
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Frequently asked questions
Find answers to some commonly asked questions on the development application process at Willoughby City Council.
Pre-lodgement meeting
Need to talk to someone about your plan?
It’s a good idea to talk to Council officers before lodging your Development Application or Complying Development Certificate. Council officers can explain what is permitted on a site and what factors are taken into consideration when determining an application.