Complying Development Certificates

Some small-scale, low-impact developments that comply with pre-set criteria can be fast-tracked under Complying Development.

Process Overview

  1. Lodge application for a CDC
  2. Appoint Council or an Accredited Certifier as the Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) to inspect the works
  3. Notify surrounding occupiers if a dwelling, additions, granny flat, boarding house or a swimming pool is proposed.
  4. Carry out the works as required, ensuring mandatory inspections are carried out by the Certifier
  5. Obtain an Occupation Certificate before you occupy the new building

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I attend a pre-CDC lodgement meeting?

Before lodging your certificate, consider booking a pre-CDC lodgement meeting with Council to talk through your plans.
Read more about pre-lodgement meetings.

Please note: As the pre-CDC lodgement meeting is indicative only and not a fully detailed assessment under SEPP (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008, Council is not responsible if additional issues arise during the processing of the lodged CDC.

What CDC fees are payable?

Contact Council's Help and Services staff on 9777 1000 who can help you with fee estimates for Council to act as an Accredited Certifier and/or Principal Certifiying Authority. Written quotations can also be provided. Our rates are competitive and inspections can be done on minimal notice.

What if all the detailed design work is not yet finished?

You may find that all information you need is not available at the time you apply, e,g. structural, mechanical or hydraulic designs may not yet be finalised.

When the detail is not available, you can state in the specification your intent to comply with requirements by identifying the specific clauses in the BCA and Australian standards, codes or other documents, with a brief description of the how you propose to comply with each.

Once issued, can a Complying Development Certificate be altered?

Yes, Section 87 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act allows for modification. The application and assessment process is the same as for the original application.

Can conditions be applied to a Complying Development Certificate?

Yes, but only those specified by the regulations and the relevant State Environmental Planning Policy.

What is a fire safety schedule?

A fire safety schedule is a list specifying the fire safety measures (both current and proposed) that should be implemented in the building premises. It relates to commercial, industrial and multi unit development.

When is a Structural Engineer required to do inspections of the building?

A Structural Engineer is required to certify aspects of the building when there is a structural variation to the approved plans and details, or on large scale development.

When can I get my security deposit back from Council?

If you paid any damage deposits, for example, a footpath damage deposit, Council will arrange to have the deposit refunded provided there is no damage to Council's infrastructure and all work has been completed.