Heritage Conservation Areas

Under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EPA 1979), Council has responsibility for identifying the area’s heritage assets and protecting them through environmental planning instruments.

There are twelve Heritage Conservation Areas identified in the Willoughby Local Government area. These areas are protected by the heritage provisions of the Willoughby Local Environmental Plan 2012 (WLEP 2012), and the Willoughby Development Control Plan (WDCP), Part H which provide appropriate controls to ensure their protection.

What is a Conservation Area?

Identifying a heritage conservation area is the culmination of historical research which includes the assessment of an area’s heritage significance and the collective nature of buildings and components which contribute to the quality of the area and streetscape. These may include the historical subdivision pattern, consistency in building form, siting and scale, materials or common age of building stock which reflect a particular period or periods in the history and growth of the area.

Willoughby Development Control

WDCP Part H provides more detailed heritage provisions than contained in WLEP 2012, ensuring that new sustainable development respects and does not compromise the significance of heritage items and heritage conservation areas and their setting.

Apart from the general heritage guidelines, Part H of WDCP also provides individual-specific policies and development controls for the twelve heritage conservation areas including:

  • A map of the heritage conservation area, as identified on the Heritage Map of WLEP 2012;
  • A historical background: which outlines the historical context of the area;
  • A description: which summarizes the significant characteristics of the heritage conservation area;
  • A Statement of Significance: which states why the area is significant;
  • The key period of significance: which outlines the main significant period of development;
  • Management policies: which set out controls to ensure that the significance of the heritage conservation area is retained in any new development; and
  • Controls for future development: which outlines specific requirements so that the design of new development is compatible with the existing significance to be conserved.

Heritage Conservation Areas - A Guide for Property Owners

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For further information and advice:

Council’s Heritage Architect - provides free heritage advice
Phone: (02) 9777 1000

Local Studies Librarian - assists property owners with advice on how to research the history of their property
Willoughby City Library
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Heritage Division
Office of Environment and Heritage

Phone: (02) 9873 8500
A wide range of publications and information sheets are on the Office of Environment and Heritage website, including:

  • A directory of firms supplying heritage related products and services.
  • A directory of heritage professionals offering a range of consultancy services.
  • Various heritage related publications, maintenance guidelines, conservation information and technical sheets.

A list of heritage consultants is also available from Council (the Heritage Division directory has a more extensive list of heritage professionals).