Heritage Items

Under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, Council has responsibility for identifying the area’s heritage assets and protecting them through environmental planning instruments. There are two levels of statutory listing:

  • The most common type of heritage listing in Willoughby is listing on the Willoughby Local Environmental Plan 2012 (WLEP 2012). Places listed on a local environmental plan have been assessed as being significant to the local community.
  • The listings on the State Heritage Register by the Heritage Council of NSW under the NSW Heritage Act 1977 are items recognized as being significant to the whole of New South Wales as well as to the local community.

What is a Heritage Item?

There are over 240 identified heritage items in the Willoughby Local Government area. Heritage items within Willoughby include dwelling houses representing a diverse range of architectural styles and periods, churches and schools, as well as the more unusual items including a former incinerator, bridges, an open air theatre, gates and a clock tower.

Willoughby Development Control Plan

The Willoughby Development Control Plan (WDCP) Part H applies to properties, places and heritage conservation areas subject to the provisions of Clause 5.10 Heritage Conservation of WLEP 2012.

WDCP Part H provides more detailed heritage provisions than contained in WLEP 2012, ensuring  that new sustainable development respects and does not compromise the heritage significance of heritage items and their setting.

Heritage Listing - A Guide for Property Owners

The brochure below outlines benefits and facts on owning a heritage listed property.

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For further information and advice:

  • Council’s Heritage Architect
    Phone: (02) 9777 1000
  • Local Studies Librarian - assists property owners with advice on how to research the history of their property
    Willoughby City Library
    Phone: (02) 9777 7900
  • Heritage Division
    Office of  Environment and Heritage

    Phone: (02) 9995 5000
    A wide range of publications and information sheets are on the Office of Environment and Heritage website, including:
    • A directory of firms supplying heritage related products and services.
    • A directory of heritage professionals offering a range of consultancy services.
    • Various heritage related publications, maintenance guidelines, conservation information and technical sheets.