Heritage & Conservation

Council is responsible for protecting and managing environmental heritage in the City of Willoughby. Council does this through the identification and listing of heritage items and heritage conservation areas, and through planning controls which protect individual items and heritage conservation areas, ensuring the design of new development is consistent with the significance and character of the individual item and/or heritage conservation area.

Heritage conservation and management is no different from good sustainable urban design for any development. However, it is important to consider heritage issues in the early stage of planning. All development, heritage or otherwise, should recognise and sit comfortably with the context or setting in which it is placed.

If a community has demonstrated that it values a particular building or area through its identification as a heritage item or heritage conservation area, any changes to a property, or development in the vicinity should also respect the context of the property and its setting by ensuring new building works will conserve and contribute to the integrity of the heritage item or heritage conservation area.

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