Committee List

Sustainability Reference Group

Councillor Representatives: Councillors Fernandez and Saville

Willoughby City Council’s Sustainability Reference Group acts as an advisory body to Council. The group is made up of a wide representation of the community. Members include representatives of the culturally and linguistically diverse community, business, youth, non-government organisations, the scientific community and a Councillor representative. 

The Sustainability Reference Group (SRG) contributes to the development of strategies and actions incorporating sustainability, specifically related to climate change, waste, water and water sensitive urban design, sustainable buildings and open space. 

The objectives of the SRG are to:

  • Provide advice during the review of Council policies and strategic plans in order to assist the integration of sustainability to these and other management frameworks;
  • Provide ideas on how to improve ecological sustainability (especially regarding climate change) for the Willoughby local government area;
  • Provide assistance in the development of sustainability projects identified by Council;
  • Raise community awareness about sustainability and help promote sustainable practices and education;
  • Engage the community in the development and implementation of sustainability initiatives and actions.

This group meets every three months.


There are currently no positions vacant on the Sustainability Reference Group. Positions are held for the term of each Council. If you would like to join, please email 'Attention Climate Change Project Officer' and you will be advised when the next round of nominations are due, or if a vacancy arises.