Committee List

Cultural Events Committee

Councillor Representatives: Councillors Norton, Rozos and Rutherford

Community Representatives: Julie Burgess (Chatswood Chamber of Commerce), Renee Goossens (Community Representative), Christine Lattimore (Community Representative), Richard Newton (Community Representative), Beth Reilly (Community Representative), Don Swonnell (Community Representative)

The Willoughby City Cultural Events Committee is a committee of Council that meets monthly.  The vision of the Committee is to provide a medium for the expression of our diverse culture at all levels.

The purpose of the Committee is;

  • to advise policy and influence directions of community and cultural events.
  • to reflect the attitudes and desires of our community.
  • to monitor the quality, effectiveness and evaluate the cultural events of council.

The Cultural Events Committee is made up of community representative, Councillors and specialist staff members.

The committee produces, oversees and supports over one hundred community events in the city per year.  This includes the management, coordination, organisation and implementation of the Willoughby Spring Festival and the Willoughby Street Fair (40 events).  The Weekly Melody Market (52 events), Australia Day, Charities Days (2 events), Chinese New Year (in partnership with the Chinese Cultural Centre of NSW), Harmony Day, the Willoughby City Heritage Festival (10 events), The Guringai Festival (6 events), Christmas in the Mall (two weeks).