Committee List

Bicycle Consultative Committee

Councillor Representatives: Councillors Campbell and Norton

The Willoughby Bicycle Consultative Committee meets 4 times per year to discuss matters relating to the provision of Bicycle Facilities in the Willoughby LGA. The meeting dates are indicated below.

The Committee is comprised of 5 to 8 community representatives, 1 councillor and 1 representative of the Willoughby City Council Traffic & Transport Group (in advisory/ administrative role).


The objectives of the Committee are:

  • To develop strategies to increase the modal share of cycling to help achieve Council’s objectives of:o Increasing the use of alternative modes of transport to the motor vehicle, and,o Reducing the impact of private motor vehicles on the city and region.
  • To develop partnerships with Cycling Groups, Police, RTA and within Council to enable the provision of improved cycle facilities and increased rates of cycling;
  • To extend both on-road and off-road facilities where possible within the Willoughby LGA to provide a comprehensive and connected bicycle network that meets the needs of cyclists of all competencies and ages and links with the wider metropolitan network;
  • To create a safe environment for cycling within the Willoughby LGA;
  • To assist Council to integrate cycling into transport and land use planning;
  • To actively promote Council's existing cycleway network and services and to raise the community's awareness of cycling and its uptake for both recreation and as an alternative mode of transport;
  • To champion the needs of cyclists within the Willoughby LGA with respect to the provision of services and infrastructure;
  • To achieve the integration of Council's bicycle program across Council's operational areas i.e. Open Space, Engineering Services, Development & Strategic Planning and Community Services etc; and
  • To provide feedback on Council’s performance in the delivery of cycling infrastructure, services and promotion.

Meetings Commence at 6:00pm and are generally held in the Banksia Room, Level 6, Council Administration Building, 31 Victor Street, Chatswood.