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Park: Market Garden Park

Location: Corner Mowbray Place and Windsor Road

In 1948 the land previously occupied by the Chinese market gardens was subdivided into 22 residential sized portions, and by the end of 1949 most of the portions had been sold to private buyers and Willoughby Municipal Council. By the mid 1950’s all the portions but one were owned by Government. Some were owned by the State Planning Authority, some The Commissioner of Main Roads (RTA), and some by Willoughby Council.

In the 1960’s some children’s play equipment was placed on the western end of the site, however poor drainage and maintenance meant that this was little used with some climbing poles remaining on the site until the 1990’s. In the mid 1990’s the site was declared an off leash dog exercise area.

In 1998 a community garden was established where the playground had been.

In 2003 Council undertook the community consultation and landscape design for the new park and the new district playground. An on-site community workshop was held in October 2003 to discuss the concept plan for the park/ playground; there was general support for the proposal and Council subsequently approved the plan in principle in December 2003.

The new park, shared pathways, creek rehabilitation and playspace will be funded and built as part of the Willoughby Paddocks residential development.

A date has not yet been decided for the commencement of the work.

Further information on Market Garden Park is available in the Market Garden Park Masterplan.

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