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Park: Naremburn Park

Location: Park Road/Station Street, Naremburn

BBQ facilitiesOff-leash dog areaPark benchParkingPicnic tablePlay equipmentPublic artSports areaToiletsDisabled toilet 

Area: 33,711m²

The Master Plan for Naremburn Park was adopted in February 2008 in principle as the guiding document for the future recreation and landscape uses in the park. Copies of the masterplan are available below.

Issues/features covered by the Masterplan include: pathways (including a perimeter path), furniture (seating, picnic shelters, viewing deck), BBQ, playground, pavilion, parking, plants, lighting, fitness stations, fencing and entrance treatments.

Origin of the name Naremburn is unknown, but is attributed to either the aboriginal words ‘narra burren’ for ‘forked creek’, or the Scottish ‘near a burn’. The park is a Crown Land reserve. It was originally part of a 140-acre dedication for public recreation in 1869, with Willoughby Council as the Trustee.

There is a BBQ, picnic tables, park benches, public toilets (including a unisex toilet for people with disabilities) and a Scout Hall in the park, and a fenced playground in the NE corner where tall trees provide shade. The playground is “leafy” in more ways than one – sit on a leaf seat, feel the leaf impressions in the pathway and enjoy the leaf shaped lawns. In the playground there is equipment (including a short double embankment slide – no steps), a sandpit, water play pump, a loop path around the playground that is used as a toddlers’ trike track, a sandstone sculpture of a Turpentine Tree’s fruit, and picnic settings, one of which is adjacent to the loop pathway.

Sixteen 6m high solar powered lights were installed in 2009 which define the park boundaries, and also follow the path of the planned circuit track providing unobtrusive illumination for walkers. A solar collector at the top of each light charges a battery providing approximately 12 hours of lighting, and a sensor switches the lights on and off according to the ambient light levels.

There are two sportsgrounds, two netball/basketball courts and a bocce court in the reserve. The sportsgrounds are also unleashed dog exercise areas.

Mosaic inlays by Suzie Bleach decorate the path next to the railway line which forms part of “Wilksch Walk” (St Leonards Station to Tunks Park).

The park is located 800m from train and bus stops. There is off street parking on Park Rd and next to the top oval at the continuation of Frances St. There is on street parking along Station St and Dalleys Rd.

Further information on Naremburn Park is available int he Naremburn Park Masterplan.

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