Willoughby City Strategy

What is the Willoughby City Strategy?

The Willoughby City Strategy is our community plan which underpins everything the Council does. It sets the strategic direction for the City, its policies, services and activities. The strategy has 6 Key Strategic Directions:

  • Community and Cultural Life
  • Natural Environment
  • Homes
  • Infrastructure
  • Economic Activity
  • Governance

The strategy also has 2 overarching principles of sustainability and social justice which underpin all the activities that will be carried out by Council through each of the key strategic directions.

Discussion Papers

A number of Discussion Papers which explore current issues for each key strategic direction in the Strategy have been prepared to inform the Strategy review.

Looking for an earlier edition?

Available above are the two most recent editions of the Willoughby City Strategy.
To view earlier editions contact Council on 02 9777 1000 or via email.